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We simply do it – it’s that simple.

“That’s our promise to you. And this guides our daily work.”

“We are hermey, a Hamburg based trading company founded 30 years ago, that develops and produces customized merchandising articles, lifestyle products and giveaways.”

“We take care of our customers and want to take them even further with our work. We do that without any fuss, lots of commitment and many great products.”

Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname

“We accompany our customers through the entire process: beginning with the first idea through design and product development to the production and quality control.”

“And even if difficulties should arise, our DNA comes into play: We take care. Should there be problems in exceptional cases, we’ll find the best possible solution.”

Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname

“At the end of the day we as hermey feel responsible that a product or a product idea turns into an attractive giveaway or sales product for our customers. That’s what we strive for every day.”

We simply do it – it’s that simple.

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Our promise

We simply do it – it’s that simple.


Our portfolio


Credit card or world trip

Folding boxes

Three steps, one box

Plush toys

From firm to soft


Any form and material


A wide variety

Tin boxes

Got that covered too


Setting new impulses

Watches &

Valuable values


Pointing the way


Solution for RV homes

Fun with organizing

Bottle holder

Smart car solution


Classics newly interpreted


Coziness to be found here

Not possible?

Not possible!

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Our services

It is our job to make it easy for you. That’s why we are there for you with our partners network from the start: we are your competent partner from idea to final product including quality control and logistic services.

Sourcing & Production

With our broad supplier network in Europe and Asia we are able to offer and get any product according to customer specifications. No matter if standard or individualized items, single items or complete collections.


Together with our team, our product design partners and our customers we develop products that fit perfectly to you and your customers. We are present on trade shows and instore worldwide, so we are always up to date.

Quality & quality control

In collaboration with renowned international testing institutes and test laboratories we make sure that your products are in accordance with legal and of course your quality standards.

Transport & logistics

In cooperation with our broad logistics network we deliver your goods quickly and safely to your desired destination. Of course we can offer you additional packaging or warehousing for a later use as well.

B2B webshop services

Together with our webshop experts we offer you customized B2B platforms for your products. Furthermore, we enable you with same-day-deliveries of all orders and with our detailed reporting you will be able to keep track of your product flow.


Our customers


Our own brand

meori folding boxes are an indispensable partner in transporting, organizing or storing items. Produced from high-quality materials, perfectly manufactured and with only three simple steps opened and closed. As a practical helper going shopping, as a companion on trips or as an organizer in your office – the meori folding box is the partner you always appreciate having around.

Mobile office

Dynamic work methods, shared spaces and more and more home offices – the foldable solutions of meori create room where you need it. In workspaces, on trips and home offices meori helps to transport and store office and work materials safely and easily.

Corporate design

With our individual printing options you will represent your company CI-compliant and appealing. Monochrome or multicolored, logo or customized design: hand in hand we will develop the perfect presentation of your company on our products, even for small editions.


Your customers are our focus. In retail we are not only offering simple, flexible ordering processes, fast supply and attractive display solutions – we always find or create new products and eye catcher that will excite your customers. Today, meori folding boxes and foldable solutions are firmly established in the areas of travel & camping, family & gifts, interior design & home office.


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